Discount coupons and deals

Discount coupons and daily deals: buy more for less

Coupon sales are a relatively new marketing area based on collective shopping. This strategy is profitable both for the sellers and for shopping fans: while the shops get a chance to expand their target audience, the buyers can enjoy truly amazing deals. Discount coupons are easy to get and even easier to use.

How do coupons work?

Discount coupons allow the buyer to get various goods and services for a price that is way lower than the retail price: the discount can reach up to 90%. These deals include clothing, cosmetics, perfume, beauty procedures, photo shoots, theatre and movie tickets, meals, trips and much, much more. In order for the coupon system to work, there needs to be a connector between the seller and the buyer. Those are usually discount websites that offer various deals to customer groups rather than single customers: the discount becomes valid when a certain number of registered users apply for the deal. As soon as the necessary number is reached, all the buyers who applied get a discount code e-mailed to them. The code can later be exchanged for a discount in a shop, restaurant or any other place taking part to the coupon sale. It usually takes the customer a couple of days to get their coupons. Every day new offers appear on the websites; in order to make the search handier, there are always different sorting tools provided for the shoppers to use: you can sort by the kind of products you are interested in, by the amount of the discount, and so on.

It is easy to understand why shopping fans love coupons:

  • Coupon sales provide a possibility to get things you love for less money: you’ll be always willing to buy a bottle of your favourite perfume if it is sold with 50% off, right?
  • Using a coupon you can try out new things without the risk of losing lots of money. After all, it doesn’t matter if the stuff you bought for nothing ends up being not exactly your type of thing.

There are also a couple of quite simple reasons why the sellers love coupon sales:

  • The perspective of bulk sales. It’s obvious that any ware or service we buy is produced much cheaper than we are required to pay for it. The seller is always interested in selling their produce for as high price as possible but the number of people who are ready to pay that much is limited. On the other hand, if there is a chance of selling the product for a lower price but to 100 people instead of 10, the seller can afford to reduce the price and earn more. This is the very essence of coupon sales:  if the seller gets a possibility to sell lots, it’s no problem to give the group of customers a nice discount.
  • The possibility to attract new customers. Everyone has some things they would gladly try out if these things were less pricey: massage, SPA procedures, or a meal in a fancy restaurant. The coupons allow the seller to introduce their goods and service for a lower price and get a bunch of satisfied customers who then become regulars for the regular price.
  • Commercial. Participating in coupon sales is always a good promotion for new companies willing to attract customers’ attention.


What’s the risk?

If you’re after amazing deals there are some things to be aware of when shopping for coupons. The main rule for those who don’t want to be deceived reads: ‘Always go through the terms and conditions’. Sometimes the deal turns out to be less attractive than you imagined: for instance, the photo cameras or phones offered for a reduced price may be refurbished not new, and the make-up or clothing from unknown manufacturers can be sold for a price as high as the retail price or even more.